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Superman Returns: The Movie Storybook

Superman Returns: The Movie Storybook

Adapted by: Benjamin Harper

Published by: Meredith Books (June 30, 2006)

Reviewed by: Steve Younis

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Back Cover Text: Following his mysterious absence the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the action-adventure Superman Returns, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world's greatest super heroes.

With images from the movie, this 48 page book does a great job of telling the story told in the movie, while leaving out some major plot points, and yet including others not seen in the final cut of the movie shown in theatres.

4Adaptation - 4: Benjamin Harper does a masterful job of condensing the two and a half hour film into 48 pages of text. He expands on elements not included in the film, while easily explaining the action and drama.

Some interesting inclusions in this version of the story include the entire description of Kal-El's return to what's left of Krypton, detailing how the Kryptonite in the area both weakens Kal-El and threatens to destroy his spaceship. Also interesting is the detailing of Clark's time in Smallville, both with increased scenes from his flashback sequence and his discussion with Martha about what his role is on Earth. The landmass created by Lex is actually called "New Krypton" by Lex himself in this book, with the villain also admitting to Superman that he came up with the false reports about Krypton possibly surviving, in the hopes that the trip would result in Superman's death (as it almost did).

The storybook interestingly leaves out the role Jason White plays in the movie.

4Photos - 4: An excellent selection of photos are displayed with the text to give visual reference to the reader. Especially interesting are images of footage not seen in the film, of the above mentioned deleted sequences.

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