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Book Reviews - "Smallville" Young Adults Series

Smallville: Arrival

Smallville: Arrival

Writer: Michael Teitelbaum
Teleplay by: Alfred Gough and Miles Millar

Published by: Little, Brown, and Company (October 2002)

Reviewed by: Aaron Thall

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In the aftermath of a devastating meteor shower, Smallville is reborn as a place where the bizarre happens, but few really take note. It is in this environment that Clark Kent, a boy that fell from the sky, grows up hiding his powers. However, events soon conspire to force him to use them in the defense of the town and it's people.

Every year, the Smallville Crows select one student to be their Scarecrow, a ritual where they are hung in the middle of a cornfield for good luck. However, a lightning storm has awakened the Scarecrow from the day of the meteor shower, and he wants revenge.

But Clark may be too busy dealing with his new friend Lex Luthor, and with avoiding becoming the Scarecrow himself, to save his classmates from a flash fried fate...

3Story - 3: This novel, the opening entry into the young adults Smallville selection, is a straight adaptation of the pilot episode. This means that it winds up displaying both the strengths and weaknesses of the series rather painfully, especially since, as a Young Adult novel, it does not have the freedom to go into greater detail or truly expand upon the events in the story. Especially glaring is how the first freak of the week is shoved into the plot when he really doesn't belong. He just happens to wake up right in time for the annual tradition, with Chloe hearing some minor details and coming up with the ONLY! POSSIBLE! SOLUTION! It looks more ridiculous on paper than it sounded on the show.

Still, given that this is a Young Adult novel, leeway most be given, and it does effectively establish the characters.

4Cover Art - 4: Just Clark, Lex, and Lana in a cornfield. On the back, Clark after helping Lex out. They're trying to link the promo images to the story, a good sign. Bet it doesn't last.

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