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Superman Returns: Coming Home

Superman Returns: Coming Home

Writer: Miles Lane

Published by: Meredith Books (May 2, 2006)

Reviewed by: Steve Younis

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Back Cover Text: On a quiet night in a Kansas cornfield, a crystal space ship comes in for a fiery crash landing. The world's greatest super hero is back! Superman has returned!

"Coming Home" is part of the official movie book series for children. At only 32 pages, the book is made up of photos from "Superman Returns" with a sentence or two of text per page.

This book covers Clark's time on the Kent Farm after returning from the remains of Krypton. It also includes his flashback memories of when he was a teenager discovering his powers.

3Story - 3: The storytelling is simplistic as the book is obviously aimed at children who have recently learned to read.

The story of Clark discovering his powers is slightly disjointed in this book, but all in all it's a good book for young children, with interesting visuals to match the story being read.

5Photos - 5: Interestingly, this book is well-worth buying purely because it shows images and scenes never released in the final cut of the movie released to cinemas. There are photos of scenes never even seen online or in other mediums (such as the trading cards).

Examples of images not seen before and information not included in the movie are a scene with Martha and Clark sitting on the sofa in the living room, with Superman costume in a basket on the coffee table in front of them, with Martha telling Clark she saved it aside for him while he was away in space. There's also a few images showing young Clark walking down the cellar stairs, and a photo of his baby spacecraft covered by a white sheet.

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