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Superman Returns: Be A Hero!

Superman Returns: Be A Hero!

Writer: Brent Sudduth
Illustrator: John Paul Leon & Tommy Lee Edwards
Colorist: Melissa Edwards
Cover: Greg Horn

Published by: Meredith Books (May 2, 2006)

Reviewed by: Steve Younis

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Back Cover Text: Five years ago Superman disappeared. No one knew where he went or when he was coming back. He was simply gone. And the world missed its greatest super hero. That was then. This is now. Bad guys, beware. Villains better hide. Superman has returned!

"Be A Hero!" is simply a book made up of Superman saving people, animals and things. It has no real story, no real purpose, other than showing Superman making saves.

2Story - 2: There really isn't much to review here. Clark simply returns to the Daily Planet after having been away for 5 years. He hears someone in need of help, goes out to save them, and then goes on an endless stream of rescues, flying around the world.

Superman just goes from putting out a burning building, stopping graffiti artists, saving a town in Palau from a volcano, saving scientists in the arctic, saving divers in Tahiti from a shark attack, saving an cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea, saving Italian skydivers, putting out an African wildfire, rescuing Micronauts (!!) in Australia, taking a lightning strike to save swimmers in Metropolis, to finally saving a kid chasing a baseball from getting hit by a car. Beyond that, there's not much else to the story.

3Art - 3: With blocky details and sketchy forms, the artwork does its job without excelling.

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