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Smallville: Flight

Smallville: Flight

Writer: Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld

Published by: Little, Brown, and Company (December 2002)

Reviewed by: Aaron Thall

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At a school fundraiser, Pete and Lana win skydiving lessions and soon rope Clark in on the action. Subsequently, Clark makes the accquaintance of Tia Haines and, unfortunately, her racist and abusive father.

Hoping to raise some money to pay for his own lessons, Clark takes a job at the pizza place Tia works, and soon discovers that Tia has WINGS. Clark agrees to help her learn to fly, forcing him to confront his fear of heights.

However, when Whitney is robbed by someone with wings, Clark must figure out if Tia's behind the crime, or if her family's hiding more secrets than just an abusive attitude...

5Story - 5: Believe it or not, a perfect score. The secret the family is hiding is obvious. There's no mystery to it. And the novel knows this. It doesn't try to hide the truth. I always appreciate it when a novel doesn't insult the intelligence of the reader.

More to the point, this novel also takes the preceeding one, "See No Evil", to task for using invisibility after the show already had. That alone earns it bonus points. That Chloe actually INVESTIGATES before coming to any conclusions at all is a breath of fresh air.

It's entertaining to see Clark confronting his supremely ironic fear, and even more so to see him trying to help Tia fly. Lana's reaction to Tia's wings is absolutely priceless... She shrugs and they bond.

In only 160 pages, this novel makes you care about Tia's plight. A stunning contribution to the Smallville novel series. "Flight" gets my highest recommendation. It's Smallville done RIGHT.

1Cover Art - 1: To be honest, they really didn't have any promo images of flight to use back when they made this novel, so I can understand putting in a Clana image. But don't let a bad cover image spoil this novel.

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