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Superman Bellywasher

November 2, 2001: Superman BellyWashers!

Batman and Superman Join Forces with In Zone Brands to add Super Hero Power to Successful BellyWashersTM Line-Up

DC Comics and In Zone Brands announced that legendary super heroes, Batman and Superman are teaming up to add two new exciting products to In Zone Brands' successful kids' beverage line, BellyWashersTM. Beginning in October, The Caped Crusader and The Man of Steel will fly onto shelves nationwide in the form of 3-D sipper drinks.

BellyWashers is a complete line of collectable, novelty beverages for children. The 100% vitamin-C fortified drinks are packaged in 3-D collectable, refillable sports bottles with toppers created in the likeness of licensed and non-licensed characters that are appealing to kids of all ages.

"BellyWashers gives kids a chance to see our characters come to life in a colorful and exciting way," said Joel Ehrlich, Senior Vice President, Advertising and Promotions for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "BellyWashers beverages are visually appealing, healthy and have the ability to be distributed at several types of retail outlets, and gain popularity with families. Our brands appeal to a broad consumer base. With the addition of these legendary super heroes to this creative line of beverages, we continue to entertain audiences from comic book stores to convenience stores."

Developed for children ages four and older, each BellyWashers line contains a unique character-appropriate drink flavor. Featuring movable arms, the Batman and Superman fruit drink flavor is Black Cherry Blast and the juice comes in a dark red color. Other popular Warner Bros. characters featured in the line include the beloved Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo, as well as Cartoon NetworkTM property, The Powerpuff Girls. The BellyWashers' bottles are dishwasher safe for continued use.

"We are very excited to join forces with DC Comics and add the power of these super heroes to our BellyWashers line," said In Zone Brands CEO, Jim Scott. "We listen to our consumers and the consumers have asked for both Batman and Superman. They are also among the first of our line to include moveable arms, making the DC Super Heroes line even more dynamic."

BellyWashers are available for US$2.19 to US$2.99 America-wide at grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores and specialty shops. For more information on BellyWashers, visit www.bellywashers.com or call toll free 1 (877) 875-8443.

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