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July 8, 2001: DC's Tenth Web Animation Showcases DC Direct Superman Set

For over one and a half years, visitors to dccomics.com have been treated to fast-paced, exciting web animation previews of some of DC's hottest - and quirkiest - projects. Now DC turns the spotlight to a new area with the first web animation preview of a DC Direct product: the SILVER AGE SUPERMAN & LOIS LANE DELUXE ACTION FIGURE SET. The preview is scheduled to be up and running this week.

"The animation for the SILVER AGE SUPERMAN & LOIS LANE DELUXE ACTION FIGURE SET is really fun," says Georg Brewer, DC's Design Director. "We took the opportunity to create something playful. It echoes the classic Adventures of Superman TV series, and even has a cameo by the Billy Batson figure from the SHAZAM! DELUXE ACTION FIGURE SET."

These powerful previews, which combine motion, text, music and audio effects, have showcased projects from a variety of DC projects.

"We got our feet wet at the end of 1999 with SUPERMAN: Y2K, and saw the fantastic opportunities web animation created, both creatively and promotionally. We've been creating these trailers on a regular basis for almost a year, learning more all the time," says Richard Bruning, DC's VP - Creative Director. "We've just begun to explore the possibilities this new medium has to offer us, and have some exciting plans in the works for taking it to the next level."

"We're finding that web animation promotions are particularly useful for titles with painted art, for which we can't readily send out black-and-white advance copies, or titles that we think might benefit from breaking away from traditional, print-based promotional tools," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "The promos excite consumers and direct them to looks for the projects at the comics shops."

Past projects showcased this way include:

  • SUPERMAN: Y2K - December 1999
  • "Lex Luthor for President" - November 2000
  • SHAZAM: POWER OF HOPE - December 2000 - still available for viewing at dccomics.com
  • USER - February 2001
  • HOUSE OF SECRETS: FAÇADE - March 2001 - still available for viewing at dccomics.com
  • PREACHER collected editions - April 2001 - still available for viewing at dccomics.com
  • GREEN LANTERN: WILLWORLD - May 2001 - still available for viewing at dccomics.com
  • TOR VOL. ONE - June 2001 - still available for viewing at dccomics.com

Upcoming web animation previews are planned for NINJA BOY, WONDER WOMAN, and DOOM PATROL.

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