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Jack in the Box Superheroes

June 6, 2001: Superman At Jack!

DC Comics and the Jack In The Box restaurant chain have teamed together and produced Superheroes Kids' Meals! Based around the WB Animated Series style, there are nine toys in total to collect...

  1. Chain Busting Superman
  2. Night Climbing Batman
  3. Jump Kick Robin (with cardboard Joker stand-up)
  4. Karate Kick Batgirl (with Penguin stand-up)
  5. Power Punch Supergirl (with Metallo stand-up)
  6. Armor Up Steel (the Under 3 toy)
  7. Wonder Woman and the Lariat of Truth
  8. Wingspan Hawkman
  9. Magic Lightning Bolt Shazam

For more information see your closest Jack In The Box restaurant.

2001 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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