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December 3, 2001: DC's Website Promoted Through AOL

DC Comics has announced that beginning in December and continuing through the end of January 2002, which of course comprises the peak holidays' spending period, America Online will features banner ads that direct consumers to the dccomics.com, Madmag.com, WildStorm.com, and dccomics.com/dcdirect websites, along with the Vertigo and Direct Currents section of dccomics.com.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for us to partner with our AOL family," says Richard Bruning, DC's VP - Creative Director. "It's the kind of exposure that can raise awareness of our sites significantly."

According to some reports, AOL has somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million subscribers.

DC provided this list of when each banner ad will pop up and what each leads to:

Entering AOL keyword "comics" leads to combined DC/WildStorm/Vertigo/DC Direct/Direct Currents/Mad portal

AOL search terms "DC Comics" and "Superman" lead to combined DC/WildStorm/Vertigo/DC Direct/Direct Currents/Mad portal

AOL keyword "jokes" leads to the MADMag.com website portal

Another banner ad for the MADMag.com website portal will pop up when users navigate to the AOL Entertainment Channel.

While DC formerly had a content presence on AOL and some comics related search terms and keywords still lead to a link to the current DC website, the publisher says this marks the first time these DC-related websites have been promoted in this manner, and particularly consider the Entertainment Channel banner a "huge coup."

"We expect the AOL links to offer a more accessible presence and therefore a broader range of casual browsers," said a spokesperson for DC.

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