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Infogrames PS2 Superman Game

June 4, 2001: New Superman Games - Update!

Here is another Press Release supplied to me by sources at Infogrames Entertainment giving more details about the up-coming Superman games, along with some sneak preview images of the PS2 game...

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Infogrames Entertainment Reveals Superman! The New Series of Interactive Games on Next Generation Formats!

Infogrames PS2 Superman Game All the incredible powers of the world's ultimate super-hero will soon be brought to full next generation life in the exciting new series of games announced today by Infogrames Entertainment, Superman. Based upon the Emmy award winning Superman Animated Series from Warner Bros. Animation, two different and ambitious games are lined up for 2002, one specifically for Nintendo Gameboy Advance in Q2 2002 and the other for Sony Playstation 2, scheduled for Fall 2002.

Integrated Development

Key to this series of games will be integrated game development whereby the Gameboy Advance title, whilst a standalone product in its' own right will introduce storyline elements and gameplay features that will evolve across to the Playstation2 product. To further ensure an absolute narrative consistency within the Superman universe, the DC Comics editorial team is heavily involved in script and plot development for both games.

Infogrames PS2 Superman Game Greg Ross, Senior Editor DC Comics explained "We are confident that the Superman games will truly represent an evolution in next generation gaming by bringing to life these incredible characters and rich storylines in a way never before possible".

Intelligent Action

Both spectacular titles offer the player the full array of incredible super-powers from the very start, the player will have to make tactical, situation sensitive decisions to determine which power and course of action is most suitable.

As Superman has more super-powers than any other action hero this will be a compelling task - the player will have to choose from powers including Superman's incredible strength, intuitive flight, super breath as well as his famous visual and aural abilities.

Using Superman's formidable powers, the player is responsible for protecting the citizens of Metropolis from a variety of deadly foes including heavily armed terrorists, evil super-villains and of course Lex Luthor's machinations...

Infogrames PS2 Superman Game Development Profiles

Crawfish Interactive, a team with a strong Gameboy development heritage recently responsible for X-Men Mutant Academy, is developing Superman for Gameboy Advance.

For the Playstation 2 development team, the re-definition of the benchmark for the action hero genre is the clear objective. Developed at the Infogrames Sheffield House internal studio, the development team comprises over 25 highly experienced programmers, artists, designers and producer. A state-of-the-art game engine has been created to push the technological limits to combine a seamless flight model with responsive hand to hand combat and full access to the Man of Steel's dazzling arsenal of powers.

Infogrames PS2 Superman Game Graphically the game will remain true to the Superman Animated Series, using gorgeous cartoon cell shading and black lining techniques to create a truly awe-inspiring representation of the well known characters as well as the vastness of Metropolis itself and its surrounding landmarks. Diverse mission based gameplay will immerse the player as Superman with a mix of all out action and combat as well as more stealth based missions using Clark Kent.

"Quite simply, we aim to empower the player with the super-powers, freedom and responsibility of the World's Greatest Superhero" explained Rob Smith, Senior Producer, Infogrames "We intend to make this all out action game as iconic to the games player as the 'S' shield is itself".


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