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Departure from Krypton Statue

December 3, 2001: New Superman "Escape from Krypton" Game Online

To help promote the DC Direct "Departure from Krypton" Statue, DC Comics have launched an online game titled "Escape from Krypton".

The game is very similar to the old Asteroids game, where you control the ship (Kal-El's rocket) as it heads towards Earth. Your objective is to protect the rocket from the large meteors (Kryptonite) which threaten the safety of Kal-El. With a laser gun and protective shield, your task is quite easy, and Kal-El will soon find himself safe in the arms of Martha and Jonathan Kent.

The "Departure from Krypyon" statue is designed and sculpted by William Paquet. In stores February 20, 2002. With the destruction of Krypton imminent, scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara placed their infant son Kal-El in an experimental rocket to send him to Earth and safety. Now that defining moment for the child who would grow up to become Superman is brought to life in the SUPERMAN: DEPARTURE FROM KRYPTON STATUE, a hand-painted cold-cast porcelain statue depicting Jor-El and Lara bidding farewell to their son as he's placed in the rocket. This statue stands approximately 9 1/8" tall x 6 3/4" wide x 5" deep. The SUPERMAN: DEPARTURE FROM KRYPTON STATUE will be followed by the SUPERMAN: ARRIVAL IN SMALLVILLE STATUE in 2003. Packaged in a 4-color box. Retailers, please note: The SUPERMAN: DEPARTURE FROM KRYPTON STATUE is manufactured to order, so only limited quantities may be available for reorder. Final product may differ from image shown. Price: US$175.00.

Visit the DC Comics website to play the "Escape from Krypton" game.

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