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Superman Relief Fund

September 23, 2001: Superman Relief Fund

SupermanCollectors.com have set up a Superman Relief Fund for monetary donations to go towards helping pay the enormous expenses needed to help the families of the fallen Firefighters and Police Officers in New York. From funeral expenses to daycare putting food on the table, the families of these heroes need our help.

You can make donations by sending your checks or Money Orders to:

1580 Yosemite Dr. #5
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

or you can visit the Superman Relief Fund page to make Credit Card or Debit Card payments through PayPal.

Every penny of your generous donations will be sent directly to the NEW YORK STATE WORLD TRADE CENTER RELIEF FUND. The fund has been coordinated with the SEPTEMBER 11th FUND, established by the United Way of New York City, the NEW YORK COMMUNITY TRUST, and the TWIN TOWERS FUND established by the City of New York.

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