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July 31, 2001: Alaska Comic Store and Lois Lane

Author: Kat Richard (KRichard79@aol.com)

So what keeps an Alaskan warm on cold winter evenings? Comics, what else? (laughs) And in the city of Anchorage if you are in search of a comic book the best place to shop is Boscos Comics. This comic store stands out for its friendly service and huge supply of back issues, however at this moment in time it's standing out for another reason, and Superman couldn't be prouder.

Boscos Comics is located on Lois Drive (can you see where I'm going with this?). The store has recently begun a campaign to change the street's name to Lois Lane for obvious reasons. Their slogan for this job? "Superhuman efforts go into road name change." Those efforts are being noticed by quite a few people.

The drive for the change began with a few postcards sent into the Mayor's office and a small party/parade of sorts complete with a Superman look-a-like.

Recently the local television station, KTUU (the Anchorage NBC affiliate) produced an online news video highlighting the story. They spoke with an older resident of Lois Drive, Charlie Richie, who voiced his opposition to the change and how he felt it disrespectful to the original intendant (named for the wife of the man who started the subdivision). Bosco's representative, Bret Clark, was also interviewed and explained that there was definitely no disrespect intended in what Boscos is trying to accomplish. The only part of the name that would change would be Lane, Lois would still be there, "...people can have both."

Comic Book Resources, a popular and well-run internet website catering to the comic community also ran an article on Boscos' drive to turn their street into a Superman commemoration. Bret Clark was again upfront in the interview and spoke of the idea's origination from a store customer and the light opposition of the name change among other topics.

So what does it take to get the street's name changed? A petition with fifty-one percent of signatures from the legal owners of the plots on Lois Drive.

Brett Clark was kind enough to speak to me briefly and give me an update on Boscos' progress. At this time a letter has been sent to the Mayor's office for more detailed information of what the petition needs to reflect and the best way to go about collecting signatures. He and Boscos are keeping their hopes up for a mailing instead of having to go forward with a door-to-door gathering of signatures. Some of the residents of Lois Drive are commercial companies and if owned out of state face-to-face meetings could prove to extend the endeavor. Brett sounded very confident and upbeat when speaking of the work, so I do believe no matter what is involved, Boscos will continue to prove superhuman in their efforts.

I promise to keep the Superman Homepage informed on the progress of this story. Not only because of my love for Superman and comics but because Boscos is my comic store and I am extremely proud of them.

Big Smiles,
Kate Richard

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