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Superman and Lois Lane Deluxe Action Figure Set

April 22, 2001: DC Projects in the Works

Here are a few ditbits about up-coming DC Comics projects relating to the world of Superman...

Novels - A range of JLA novels will be released by Pocket Book. The books will contain original stories, each one focusing on a particular team member with the rest of the JLA as supporting cast. The first book will focus on Batman, and is a story written by Alan Grant. Covers for these JLA novels will be done by none other than fan favorite, Alex Ross.

Trade Paperbacks - Watson-Guptill will publish a trade paperback collection titled "Superman: The Golden Age Radio Scripts".

Apparel - Fruit of the Loom will allow adult fans of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight to relive their childhood with a range of adult-sized underwear featuring Superman and Batman. Due out late 2001.

Tin Toys - A Superman tin bank, rocket ship (with baby Kal-El), and a carousel featuring small resin sculptures of Superman, Supergirl, Krypto and Streaky, plus other upscale tin creations are to be produced by Schylling.

Mr Mxyzptlk Statue DC Direct - Those of you who have seen the DC Comics solicitations for July, would have seen pictures and information on a few November 2001 DC Direct items, namely the Mr Mxyzptlk Statue and the Superman and Lois Lane Golden Age Deluxe Action Figure set. December 2001 will also see a Superman Pocket Watch and Smallville PVC set, while a new Superman Statue based on designs by Tim Sale (Superman For All Seasons) is set for a February 2002 release.

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