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Kyrgyzstan Stamps

February 6, 2001: Superman Stamps from Kirgistan & Tadjikistan

Herrick Stamps currently has 2 sets of 9 Superman Stamps available for purchase through their website. Once you arrive at the website simply click on "Search for stamps" and then type in "Superman" for the Keyword search. The following page will show you 2 different countries, Kirgistan and Tadjikistan, each country has 9 different stamps about Superman. Each set is US$6.67 (9 stamps in a set).

Tadjikistan Stamps Both sets are described as:
Beautifully illustrated sheetlet of 9 stamps issued by Kirgistan/Tadzhikistan to commemorate the greatest super hero - SUPERMAN! Each stamp features the cartoon hero in a different scene from his adventures. This is sure to be a collectors item. Perfect for mounting and framing. Makes a great addition to any new issue topical collection."

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