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November 26, 2001: New Superman Game Information

You may recall that back in August we published a major report on the progress of the "Superman" games being produced by Infogrames. The Superman Homepage recently caught up with another inside source who was able to give us the following information...

"The one thing I would say is that the game is being run by a team of fans, especially of the Animated Series, so it's being done right!"

And he continued to say, "I'm determined our game is going to be the one people will use as a benchmark for super-hero titles."

When I asked him if anyone at DC Comics had been involved with the development of the storyline, he said, "We worked initially with Eddie (Berganza) but also Gregg Ross and Mike Siglain. Paul Kupperberg has helped the most with our plot."

Look for more information about the progress of the Infrogrames "Superman" games in the coming weeks.

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