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Hotel Superman

June 24, 2001: Satirical Superman Film - "Hotel Superman"

"Hotel Superman" is a short film produced by Shannon Shea, taking a satirical look at the Man of Steel. Supes is holed away in a Metropolis dive, all set for a 'Lost Weekend' of gluttonous indulgence. 'Hello, Room Service? Superman, Room 1411.'

Watch the RealVideo film at the Bijoucafe website.

A native New Orleanian, Shannon Shea attended the Experimental Film Graphics Program at California Institute of the Arts. After leaving school, he entered the film industry as a Special Creature Effects artist and designer. Since that time he has contributed to films such as ALIENS, PREDATOR, DANCES WITH WOLVES, TERMINATOR 2, JURASSIC PARK, THE FACULTY and HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. For the past 11 years he has acted as a SAG puppeteer and performer appearing in films such as THE JUNGLE BOOK and SPY KIDS. His paintings have been in art shows on the east coast of the U.S.A. from Soho, New York to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Though primarily a visual artist, Shannon turned his attention to writing 6 years ago and became a contributing writer/editor for DINOSAURUS magazine. He has written 4 feature length screenplays, two teleplays and wrote "the bible" and the first two episodes for the WEB series TERMINAL 337. He recently put the finishing touches on his first film HOTEL SUPERMAN.

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