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Superman Action Figure

August 24, 2001: Fan Petition Over Hasbro Action Figures

A petition to Hasbro about their perceived lack of focus towards DC Comics customers has been put together by fans. The petition reads:

We who collect toys based on DC Comics have felt for some time now that Hasbro has not met the demands of our community. It seems there have been very few efforts to please us and the lines that have made us happy have had very short lives. Seeing as Hasbro now only has exclusive rights to Batman and Superman, we would like to see a line that consists solely of Superman and Batman characters in scale with DC Direct figures so that you can capture the audience that feels alienated by your more commercial lines. Some us are not interested in the animated toys or multi colored repaints and that's a lot of money Hasbro looses every year from dedicated collectors like us. Such a line, done right will be mutually beneficial to Hasbro and DC fans. A line similar to the DC Super Heroes line would be idea with 8-10 point articulation, accessories that make sense with the characters (such as Batarangs for Batman and Robin), a more detailed comic book like look with flat paints instead of the shiny paints. Toy Biz has had great success with their line of comic book based Spider-Man figures and a line that prominently featured Batman and Superman characters would surely do as well. Another idea would be to include comics like in the Spider-Man Classics line. The packaging should emphasize Batman and Superman, so that the line appeals to collectors and the kids. If this is not feasible, we respectfully request that you allow DC to produce more Superman and Batman figures for their lines. Surely, you cannot make money off figures you never intend to make, so allow DC to create the figure that satisfy our part of the market. No one is going to by a five inch Batman to go with their 7 inch Justice League, so I don't think such a line would interfere with whatever products you intend on marketing. We leave the decision up to you and hope that you come to a decision that will benefit us DC Comics fans as well as yourselves.

Fans wishing to put their name to this petition can do so by visiting PetitionOnline.com.

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