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December 9, 2001: Pocket Super Heroes from DC Comics

Beginning in July, DC Direct will release DC Comics Pocket Super Heroes, a line of pocket-sized DC Universe figures.

"We've had such a strong response from retailers and fans to DC Direct's action figure line that we couldn't resist introducing a whole new way to collect the entire DC Universe," said Syndee Barwick, director of DC Direct. "DC has such a wide scope of colorful characters that they seemed like a natural fit for every fan's pockets."

Fans can take home their first Pocket Super Hero on Wednesday when the Solomon Grundy Deluxe Action Figure arrives in stores, including a free Pocket Super Hero Golden Age Wonder Woman.

In addition, retailers will receive one free Pocket Super Hero Golden Age Wonder Woman figure to help generate enthusiasm among customers prior to ordering. These samples are expected to arrive in stores on Wednesday, and the figure will not be available in any other packaging in 2002.

The Pocket Super Heroes stand approximately 3 inches and feature authentic costuming details and articulation. Packaged primarily in two-figure sets, they also include a backdrop art and story card with a plastic stand, and are priced at $9.95 U.S. per set.

"We've planned this program so that retailers and fans would have the chance to see a sample from the line before orders are placed," said Bob Wayne, DC's vice-president, sales and marketing. "Retailers should be able to generate enthusiasm with their customers and assess the sales potential of the line well before orders on the first wave are due."

The first wave of four Pocket Super Heroes will be solicited in the January issue of Previews, with the first sets scheduled to arrive in stores in July. Characters include Dr. Mid-Nite and the Atom, Aquaman and Black Manta, Green Lantern and Sinestro, and Starman and the Shade.

Further sets scheduled for 2002 release include the Flash and Captain Cold, Silver Age Wonder Woman and Cheetah, Red Tornado and Firestorm, Dr. Fate and the Spectre, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl, Solomon Grundy and Green Lantern Alan Scott, and Mon-el and Lightning Lad. The Martian Manhunter comes in a Deluxe Set with the Silver Age Justice League of America meeting table (approximately 5 inches in diameter) with 8 chairs.

"Our goal with the Pocket Super Heroes is to create as many DC characters as possible so fans can have their own little universes," said Georg Brewer, DC's Design Director. "To that end, we've faced a really interesting creative challenge in designing an iconic, pocket-sized action figure with sculpted details and attention to the characters' individual costumes."

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