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Superman 7-Foot Statue

August 1, 2001: Lifesize 7-Foot Superman Statue

Lifesize 7 foot fiberglass statue of the most famous comic book character in the world.

For the first time ever, this fantastic, final version, 1:1 SCALE SUPERMAN statue was shown at the Comic Con this year in San Diego.

DC Comics was ultra fastidious about the details of this statue, and with good reason. It's fantastic!

Retail pricing on the statue is US$5,200. However production on this statue is limited to only 500. Six Flags has bought the first 15 for their SUPERMAN rollercoaster rides, and a couple extra for future Theme Parks in the planning.

SUPERMAN stands at a towering 7 feet tall, painted in the traditional color scheme, and has been sprayed with a clear coat to protect the colors from fading. He is made of durable fiberglass and is surprisingly lightweight. His cape is made of a red gabardine cloth, which drapes beautifully over the fiberglass preforms on his shoulders. The base he stands on has the production number and licensing information plate for each statue.

Prospective buyers should visit the Superman Collectors website to order.

Click on the image to view a larger version.

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