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November 23, 2011: "Smallville" DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

The final season of "Smallville" arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this week. As does the DVD box set of the Complete Series.

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With all 22 episodes collected on both the 4-disc Blu-Ray and 6-disc DVD collections, "Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season" contains over 2 hours of Bonus Programming, included select episode commentaries, featurettes and unaired scenes.

"Smallville: The Complete Series" contains all 218 episodes in the 62-disc DVD collection, with hours of on-disc extras. Plus an additional 5+ hours on 2 new bonus discs including:

  • A Retrospective Look at the Series with Season Featurettes
  • A Decade of Comic-Con
  • Paley Fest 2004 Event
  • Rare Aquaman and 1961 Adventures of Superboy Pilots
  • Extended Version of the 100th-Episode Documentary
  • Secret Origin: The American Story of DC Comics Documentary.

Also included is an Exclusive Daily Planet newspaper created by DC Comics.

Bonus Material for the Season 10 collection includes:

  • Commentaries on 2 Key Episodes
  • Unaired Scenes
  • Smallville - Coming Home: Cast and creators reflect on the landmark 200th episode Homecoming, in which Clark Kent experiences transformative events on the way to his final destiny
  • My Fathers, My Son: How Clark Kent's fathers/son relationships evolved over the series' 10 years
  • How Do We Do Music Video

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