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January 12, 2011: "Smallville" Producers Cautiously Optimistic About Michael Rosenbaum Return

Rosenbaum as Luthor Entertainment Reporter Michael Ausiello is reporting that "producers are at the very least cautiously optimistic that the very busy Michael Rosenbaum [Lex Luthor on "Smallville"] will be back" on TV's "Smallville" prior to the end of the series run this Spring.

This follows news reported the day before on TVLine.com that Rosenbaum would be participating in Fox comedy pilot "Breaking In" and most likely several additional episodes of the midseason series.

Ausiello also reported that actress Kristin Kreuk, who portrayed Lana Lang on "Smallville", is most likely not expected to return.

Read Ausiello's entire "Ask Ausiello" column over on TVLine.

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