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April 29, 2011: Justin Hartley Talks "Smallville"

Justin Hartley Ahead of his directorial debut on "Smallville", Justin Hartley participated in a few interviews to discuss directing the episode "Dominion" and what's in store for Oliver Queen as we approach the series finale.


    How many times did you have Callum say, "Kneel before Zod!" just because it's an awesome line?

    Yeah, 13. [Laughs] I think I had him do it about 13 or 14 times: "Play it again, dude!" He's awesome.

    It's cool we get to see Zod again after he was sent to the Phantom Zone.

    Well, that's where we see him now. We go to the Phantom Zone and we find him there. He's become the ruler of the Phantom Zone, and it's like, "Of course he has. That's what he does." It was really great to have him back. He's a really strong actor - I've always been a fan of his work. We hung out while he was on Smallville before, and I've always enjoyed working with him. I'd like to work with him again. He's a joy to be around.


    Oliver has been marked with the Omega symbol of darkness. What will we see for him as the series comes to a close?

    Hartley: At the end of "Dominion," Oliver is faced with a cold reality that he's not going to be able to get rid of this infection just by willing it away. He has to figure out a whole other path, something he's never done before. He goes on this journey to try to get rid of this thing.

    Oliver and Chloe are going to be the best man and woman at Lois and Clark's wedding. What's in store for them?

    Hartley: A lot of hell breaks loose, actually. Oliver has the Omega and turns into a totally different, disgusting person. Chloe has to figure out a way to stand by him. She does. In the end, it's interesting because Oliver has to go do his thing, and Chloe has to go do her thing, so there's a really sweet, tender moment in the finale that I think you'll like. The way it's all wrapped up is actually really beautiful. It leaves you with a warm heart.

"Dominion" airs tonight, Friday, April 29th at 8.00pm on The CW.

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