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February 2, 2011: Weisman and Vetti Talk "Young Justice"

Young Justice ComicBookResources.com caught up with Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, producers on the "Young Justice" animated series airing Friday evenings on Cartoon Network. Here's a portion of the interview...

    With a cast this size on a show designed for general audiences, some of the characters like Robin are pretty easy to identify while Superboy or Miss Martian might require a bit more explanation. Is there a character you view as the star of the show?

    Weisman: I think we've got six leads plus a boatload of supporting characters of secondary or tertiary characters. And amongst our six leads, we try to share the wealth. I think obviously if you take the pilot and cut it in half -- because it really is two episodes -- you get one episode that focuses equally on Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin and one episode that obviously focuses on Superboy. As the series progresses, particularly the six that follow the pilot, we try to give each one of those six a shot to lead. Plus, we don't ignore the other five during any of those. Episode three focuses on Miss Martian, but we're not losing focus of the other four. And Artemis hasn't even joined the show yet. So we really try to spread the wealth.

    Having said that, obviously our conception of Superboy is a little bit different from what people see in the comics. I think it's true to the origins of the character, but it's definitely a new interpretation. In the same way, our new interpretation of Aqualad is a whole new guy wearing the red and blue. We wanted to make sure we were conceptually introducing him, but Aqualad compared to Aquaman isn't that hard to get across as a concept. You've got to see how he operates and what his personality is like. But Superboy you've got to understand the concept of Superman in order to get this kid at all. Then you've got to understand that cloning...we just didn't want to make it seem like cloning happens all the time here. We wanted to make a big deal of it.

Read the complete interview at ComicBookResources.com.

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