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April 5, 2011: TV Guide "Smallville" Article

Smallville TV Guide has posted part of its article on the series finale of "Smallville" online, with the second half of the article to appear in the April 7th edition of the magazine.

    The big question, of course, is "Will he or won't he?" Will he put on the iconic costume of the comic-book legend? Will he finally learn how to fly? Will he be called Superman?

    Tom Welling knows the answers, but after a decade playing pop culture's most famous secret identity, he's learned a thing or two about keeping his mouth shut. "This show, to me, has always been about Clark Kent - it hasn't been about Superman," he says, while taking a break from filming a Phantom Zone sequence for the April 29 episode. "And it was very important at the end that we make sure that we wrap up the Clark Kent story."

    That's not to say we might not get a red-, blue- and yellow-hued surprise. "I will just say to keep watching through the whole two hours," executive producer Kelly Souders says of the finale. "There is a very, very special moment that we love, and everyone who is looking for that moment won't be disappointed."

Source: TVGuide.com.

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