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May 6, 2011: Michael Rosenbaum Talks About Return to "Smallville"

Series Finale TVGuide.com has published an interview with Michael Rosenbaum asking him all about his return to "Smallville". Here's a portion of the interview...

    TV Guide Magazine: What does Lex do?

    Rosenbaum: Hmmm...his plan of cloning spare parts worked, only there's a big twist. And there is a first-time ever scene with my sister Tess [Cassidy Freeman]. I also have a great scene with Clark [Tom Welling] that will launch them each into their destinies as adversaries.

    TV Guide Magazine: This was your first time meeting Cassidy? We love her.

    Rosenbaum: Yeah. And she is great! I was like, attracted to her! We were working on a scene and firing back-and-forth, and people were saying how it was like we'd been working together for years! I remember three years ago, her agent, who was my old agent, called and said, "Hey would you talk to Cassidy? She's replacing you." And I said, "First of all, nobody replaces me." [Laughs] I said, "She's not a replacement, she's a new character...and yes, I will talk to her." And when she asked for advice, I just told her to go up there, they're all amazing and that she was gonna love it. Three years later, we're finally meeting face-to-face.

Read the complete interview at TVGuide.com.

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