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April 14, 2011: Kelly Souders Interview on Final "Smallville" Episodes

KryptonSite.com conducted an interview with "Smallville" executive producer Kelly Souders and grilled her on the handful of episodes remaining for the show's final season.

    We all know that Al & Miles had a plan for the finale, but at what point did you and Brian decide on what you ultimately ended up with for the final scenes of Smallville?

    The scenes that Al & Miles had imagined are real wish fulfillments for fans, so there was no question that those were always going to be part of the finale. As far as everything else, you go along and there are moments that we fell in love with, and the writers and cast fell in love with, so the finale is definitely a smorgasboard of what everybody wanted.

Read the complete interview at KryptonSite.com.

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