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March 9, 2011: Rosenbaum Talks "Smallville" Season Finale

Lex Luthor Zap2It.com caught up with Michael Rosenbaum and asked him about his time back in Canada filming his Lex Luthor scenes for the series finale of "Smallville". Here's part of what he had to say...

    "We did a lot. I know people thought, 'Oh, he only went up for one day.' We did 19 hours," he explains. "Okay, for anyone out there who is like, 'Oh, he only went out there for one day,' I was up there for 19 hours."

    He continues, "We did four different things. Two nice scenes and then two other specialty things that I won't tell you about. I'm a part of the finale and I think it's important.

Read the complete article at Zap2It.com.

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