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January 26, 2011: Will Clark Fly on "Smallville"?

TV Guide's "Mega Buzz" column touches on the subject of whether or not we'll see Clark Kent take to the sky any time soon on "Smallville"...

    Will we see Clark fly before the series finale of Smallville?

    NATALIE: "I would say watch 'Collateral,'" executive producer Brian Peterson says, very craftily teasing this week's episode. In other exciting final-season news, the Justice League will regroup in the aftermath of Hawkman's knockout funeral. "They're definitely a very cohesive unit by the end of the series," executive producer Kelly Souders says.

Source: TVguide.com.

While Michael Ausiello at TVline.com tells us his "fill in the blank" teaser from last week was not Martha Kent.

    Question: If the answer to last week's Smallville asterisk quiz is Martha Kent that's l*me. We all know she's returning.

    Ausiello: It is not, I repeat not, Martha Kent. I agree, that would've been la*e.

And for anyone who couldn't watch the Erica Durance video that was posted on The CW website (because it was for U.S. residents only), here's a YouTube version.

Don't forget, the next new episode of "Smallville" airs on Friday, January 28th.

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