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October 2, 2011: An Interview with Beau Weaver

Superman In his ongoing series of interviews with 99 "lost" stars of superhero/cartoon entertainment of the '70s and '80s, Marc Nobleman, author of the book "Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman", has now posted an interview with Beau Weaver, the voice of Superman in the 1988 Ruby Spears "Superman" cartoon.

    Like most jobs for voice actors, Superman began as an audition through my agent. The casting process on this was a little bit unusual. Ruby-Spears first selected several potential candidates for the job of director. Each of the candidates was to run their own casting sessions, bringing in the actors they wanted to audition for the role.

    Among the potential directors were Ginnny McSwain and Michael Bell [who is interviewed in the Super Friends section of this series]. I was brought in to read for Superman by Mike Bell. My background is radio. And I think Mike may have had in mind the actor who [once did radio and who then] played Superman in Super Friends, Danny Dark. Danny and I are both from Oklahoma and, in fact, I used to call him up and request records when I was a kid! Danny had the resonant, authoritative sound that is characteristic of the classic announcer.

Read the complete interview at Marc Nobleman's "Noblemania" blog.

Marc is posting one interview per day until November 12, with a few gaps for his blog's "regularly scheduled content."

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