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April 15, 2011: More Cassidy Freeman Interviews

Cassidy Freeman Cassidy Freeman participated in a few interviews this week, talking about the final episodes of "Smallville".

She spoke to Zap2It.com about how great it was to finally get to work with Michael Rosenbaum:

    That's not to say she didn't give him a hard time for holding out so long on finalizing a deal to come back as Lex Luthor. "I mean I obviously gave him the s*** he deserved, but I think he was expecting that," she laughs. "We'd heard so much about each other that it was almost like we knew each other when we showed up, which was really cool and helped out with us trying to figure out how to work together. But I'm thankful, I'm thankful I got to spend time with him. He's a really nice guy."

TV Guide Magazine asked her about the series finale:
    TV Guide Magazine: Now obviously, you can't tell us anything juicy about the finale. But is it something you think fans will just love?

    Freeman: Yeah. I think it's a really, really beautiful ending. I remember when we finally got the last scripts, I called Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders to tell them what an incredible job they did. I read it and got chills. It's awesome.

TVSquad.com asked her to expand on her role in the finale:
    What else can you tell us about your role in the finale?

    Well, [as for Tess's choice between good and evil], we won't find that out until the finale, which is really cool for my character. It builds up and it builds up and it builds up and you're not sure, you're not sure, and you find out at the end which way she goes. It's really cool.

While TVLine.com asked her what the wrap party was like:
    TVLINE | Was last month's Smallville wrap party 100-percent revelry, or were there moments of misty-eyed nostalgia?

    It's difficult to get misty-eyed when you're in the Vancouver Club with a band playing loudly and people introducing you to their significant others. But it was emotional on set. I've only been there for a little bit of it, and it still felt like a big change; I can't imagine what it was like for Tom and Erica.

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