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February 2, 2011: "Smallville" Spoilers for Remaining Episodes

Smallville Season 10 TV Guide's "Mega Buzz" column has the following spoiler for "Smallville"...

    Please any scoop on Smallville's Chloe!

    NATALIE: We know that when Chloe (Allison Mack) returns, she'll play a nemesis to Lois, but she will also eventually redeem herself, Erica Durance says. First though, she'll have some major explaining to do to regain the supes' trust. "Lois and Chloe are like sisters, so she knows Chloe had a good reason for leaving," she says. "But there's such a history between Chloe and Clark and the way they left off and why she left, so they have to deal with a lot of things to resolve their friendship."

While the "Ask Ausiello" feature at TVline.com has a couple of "Smallville" entries this time around...

    Question: I've been going crazy with your Smallville Blind Item and finally have a guess that I haven't seen here or any other sites: Saturn Girl! Am I right?

    Ausiello: Nope. The answer is ****** K***.

    Question: Do you have any more scoop on Chloe and Oliver's big Smallville moment that you teased about a few weeks back? Is this something fans of the couple will be happy with? Please, you have us dying with anticipation. Any little clue would be appreciated.

    Ausiello: Too good to spoil. Sorry.

Don't forget, the next new episode of "Smallville" airs Friday, February 4th.

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