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April 20, 2011: Eric Martsolf Talks Booster Gold on "Smallville"

Booster The-Trades.com spoke with actor Eric Martsolf about his guest appearance on "Smallville" as the character Booster Gold. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Can you tell us how you went about becoming the character of Booster Gold?

    It's funny, when I first started reading the script, he came across to me as sort of a Ron Burgundy from "Anchorman" -- just this ultra-comedic confidence man, and it was very questionable as to whether he had it all together or not. I wasn't sure whether this guy was all style and no substance. But when you dig further into the character, and further into the script, you realize this basically is just a misunderstood man that is the product of a very awful childhood. He had many things that he had to overcome, and he eventually turns to becoming a superhero as a way out.

    It's a really wonderful lesson about the human condition. We all are fallible as human beings, and Booster Gold is interesting in that he is completely fallible and has issues. He is definitely not above being wrong and doing immoral things. So he's a complex character that way. There's really not an easy way to put it. [Writer] Geoff [Johns] just does a wonderful job in showing the compexities of this particular superhero.

Read the complete interview at The-Trades.com.

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