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May 4, 2011: Tom Welling Talks "Smallville" Series Finale

Believe Tom Welling spoke with Zap2It.com about the series finale of "Smallville", the logistics of their shooting schedule, and how he feels about it all. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    "We shot the actual finale as our third-to-last episode," reports Welling, who also has been a "Smallville" executive producer and the director of six episodes. "We shot two more episodes, then shot the first part of the finale last. It gave us the opportunity to take a look at what would be the last image of the show in post-production and make any changes or adaptations to it. It didn't necessarily take the emotional pressure off us, but the time pressure."

    Even if the very last scene was done weeks before production on "Smallville" ended, it still had its impact on Welling.

    "I really didn't know what to expect," he says. "As we were shooting it, everyone's senses were heightened. People were flying up from L.A. (to Vancouver, where the show has been made) to supervise and make sure everyone who had to make a decision was there. Everybody was just really excited, and the energy level went up."

Read the entire interview at Zap2It.com.

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