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April 15, 2011: Cassidy Freeman on Tess Mercer and the End of "Smallville"

Cassidy Freeman IGN.com has posted an interview with Cassidy Freeman, talking to her about the final episodes of "Smallville", her character Tess Mercer, and what it's like now that she's finished with the show.

    IGN: Fans have been very curious about the end of the show and the transition of Clark into Superman. Were you excited to see them get to play that out, however they do it?

    Freeman: Yeah, I think it's difficult. Because it's so touchy! What do you do and what are the rules and who thinks what? I'm excited for it to keep moving in that direction, because I think that brings closure to the series and I think it's puts a beautiful bow on the end of it. But the way that they did it I thought was really smart and interesting and I think that the fans will like it a lot.

Read the complete interview at IGN.com.

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