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May 1, 2011: Justin Hartley Looks Beyond "Smallville"

Justin Hartley The LA Times interviewed Justin Hartley to ask him about directing "Dominion", the most recent episode of "Smallville", and what life holds for Green Arrow as we approach the series finale.

    JP: You get to give fans your particular guiding hand on Zod. He's a longtime Superman foe, so what makes the character so compelling?

    JT: Specifically, in our episode, John Chisholm, the guy who wrote the script, did a really good job of making the way Zod talks coincide with the way Callum [Blue] plays the character. Callum, when he showed up, did a phenomenal job of making everything work, taking what is on the page and breathing life into it. I would say those two guys and their work in my episode are what make Zod so compelling. Any super villain in "Smallville" is compelling, but what Callum did - I can't thank him enough.

    JP: In your head, where is Oliver Queen going, post-"Smallville."

    JT: I think Oliver, in my head, he was always doing what he did in the comics. He's setting his sights on political aspirations and running things and defeating evil ... becoming the strong hand of the law.

Read the complete interview at the LA Times website.

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