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June 24, 2011: Greg Beeman Talks "Smallville" Series Finale

Smallville KsiteTV.com spoke with Greg Beeman, who directed the second part of the series finale of "Smallville", to get his impressions of how it all turned out.

    I was happy with it. I know some people have issues with the digital Clark, and Tom not wearing the suit, but to tell you the truth, in a weird way, I [also] was coming at it from the outside. I was not part of the show for all those years. I had always been a fan. I watched through Season 7, but I sort of drifted away after that. Not for any reason; I still loved the show, I just got busy with other stuff. So I was coming in clean. I didn't know that much about the Darkseid story, and I didn't really know that much about the Green Arrow story. I wanted to service that story as best I could, but the way that Clark's story wrapped up was always what I expected. It was never important to me to see Tom Welling wear the Superman suit. And it was never something that I thought mattered.

Read the entire interview at KsiteTV.com.

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