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April 15, 2011: Kelly Souders on Approaching Final "Smallville" Episodes

Smallville Season 10 E! Online spoke with "Smallville" executive producer Kelly Souders and asked her how they approached the finale episodes of "Smallville" and whether fans will be happy with the finale.

    How did you and the other writers approach the final episodes?

    I think we approached it as fans ourselves and we want everyone to get exactly what they're hoping for on their dream wish list. But we know that it would be kind of impossible to make everyone's dreams come true, so we focused on ourselves as fans and what we would really want to see and that's how it came together.

    Do you think fans will be satisfied with the series finale?

    I think that they will love the moments that will come in the finale. It's hard for anyone to be satisfied when something is coming to an end. I think the thing they will not be satisfied with is that there will not be a season 11.

View the whole interview at the E! Online website.

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