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February 4, 2011: Brian Peterson Talks About Superman Identity on "Smallville"

Smallville Season 10 GiveMeMyRemote.com has posted an interview with "Smallville" executive producer Brian Peterson in which they ask him about the remainder of the final season of the show, what he'd like to say to the fans, and whether or not we'll see Clark wearing the Superman costume. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Is there anything you want to say to the fans of the show?

    BP: You know, we're just really happy with the fact that we have a lot of fans that are just really passionate. And it feels like these last couple years...there's a lot of really creative and intellectual debate that happens. And when you talk to them or glance on the boards, it's not just scathing reviews or happy peer reviews. It's a lot about heroism and the characters, and a lot of really spirited discussion and debate. And to watch that is awesome, you know, and we love that people are so engaged in the characters that they've stuck with it this long.

    Before I let you go, there is one question I have to ask. Your gorgeous posters feature Clark's reflection wearing the iconic Superman suit. Is it possible we might see this before the series finale?

    BP: We are definitely going to address both the Clark Kent identity and the Superman identity and so that identity is a big topic of discussion in creating the season finale.

Read the entire interview at GiveMeMyRemote.com.

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