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June 9, 2011: New-Look Superman, Supergirl and Superboy

BleedingCool.com claim to have received leaked images of the up-coming redesigns for Superman, Supergirl and Superboy, which DC Comics are set to announce full details on tomorrow.

The Superman image is the cover to "Superman #1", which they speculate will be written and drawn by George Pérez. There's speculation about Grant Morrison writing "Action Comics" with art by Rags Morales.

    Note the lack of "underwear outside the trousers", the bulky segmented metallic boots, the armour-like seams around the suit, a rejuvenated age for the character and the slightly larger, but more traditional 'S' shield on the costume, rather than the version we saw on the Jim Lee Justice League #1 cover.

The cover image for "Supergirl #1", which they claim will be written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson, shows a very different Supergirl design, with a sharper "S" design to Superman's, higher boots and new cape clasping.

Superboy's cover image, appears to show the Teen of Steel hooked up to equipment that seems to be attaching costume parts to him. He doesn't appear to be fully formed (see his right hand), so this may be part of his "cloning" process.

Superman Supergirl Superboy

While we may speculate on the how, why and what of these new-look designs, we expect the official announcement to come from DC Comics tomorrow.

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