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January 11, 2011: Eclipso Rises in Epic JLA Saga

JLA #54 DC's "The Source" announces the up-coming storyline "The Rise of Eclipso" which will begin with issue #54 of "Justice League of America" in February.

    So far, we've kept the lid tight on the details of James Robinson's epic storyline.

    But we can confirm, this one's got it all:

    • Shade.
    • Doomsday.
    • Blue Lantern Saint Walker joins the League to ensure that all will be well.
    • Alpha Lantern Boodikka and Supergirl on the trail of the Cyborg Superman.
    • The return of one of the DCU's classic villains, Eclipso.

Check out some black and white pages of artwork by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund from issue #54.

In other news, STEEL #1, the first part of the REIGN OF DOOMSDAY storyline, has sold out and gone back for a second printing, this time with a blood-red cover.

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