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June 10, 2011: Brett Booth Talks Relaunch of "Teen Titans"

Teen Titans When DC Comics showed off the cover to the up-coming "Teen Titans #1" cover it sparked much debate amongst fans who were up in arms over the new-look team of teen heroes. Newsarama.com caught up with penciller Brett Booth to get the inside word on these redesigned superheroes. Here's an excerpt from the interview where Brett discusses Superboy's look...

    Booth: This was really Scott and I just wanting him to be Superboy, since he's not into spandex, The gloves are a nod to his 90's outfit. The "S" on his back is a joke - Bart put it there because on the original, he didn't have the tattoo on that side, so it was ambiguous who it was. He's just wearing a muscle shirt and some pants and boots. Just not the traditional "S" shirt and jeans. I added the tattoo as to his design because of a misread email, but everyone liked it so we kept it. The bar code idea was added a bit later but was genius!

Read the complete interview at Newsarama.com.

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