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January 12, 2011: Superman in Des Moines, Iowa

Superman #707 With issue #707 of the monthly "Superman" comic book, the Man of Steel continues his walk across the USA, this time hitting the streets of Des Moines, Iowa.

    There will be no lead-lined limo to carry Superman around Des Moines.

    In fact, city officials don't plan any special ceremonies to honor the Man of Steel during his fictional stroll through town.

    The Des Moines Register says the 707th issue of the "Superman" comic book series shows Superman up to his usual tricks, which include protecting a little girl from a powerful locomotive.

    The issue continues the story line that Superman is walking across America to get back in touch with people. The issue is scheduled to go on sale Wednesday.

    What if Clark Kent's alter ego were to show up?

    Des Moines councilman Skip Moore said with a smile in his voice that the city would "put out some kryptonite detectors so he'd know he was safe."

Read more at the Des Moines Register website.

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