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May 12, 2011: Marty Pasko Talks Retro-Active Superman

DC Comics With DC's recent announcement of the "Retro-Active" comic books set for publication in July/August, where classic writers and artists are reunited with classic characters Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Justice League of America, returning to the interpretations they are best known for. Martin Pasko, who will be writing the 1970s Superman book, spoke with the Word Balloon podcast about returning to write the Man of Steel.

    Marty Pasko joins us as he returns to Metropolis writing the 70's DC Retroactive issue of Superman, drawn by Eduardo Barreto. We talk about the still amazing world of Superman. We'll discuss the career of the late Jackie Cooper who played Perry White in the first 4 modern Superman films . Despite a good working relationship with Cooper on Simon & Simon in the 80's Pasko confesses he wasn't crazy about the casting of Cooper as Perry. Marty also describes the editorial philosophy of Julie Schwartz, and goes into interesting detail about how DC's Silver and Bronze age books were written.

    You'll get insights into the cast of the 50's Adventures Of Superman, Superman regulars like Mike Carlin, and Cary Bates We also discuss the way DC and Warner Bros interacted in the 90's , because Marty had the job as liason between the divisions of Warner Film TV and animation with DC.

Click here to listen to the Word Balloon podcast with special guest Marty Pasko.

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