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December 20, 2011: Greg Weisman Talks "Young Justice" Comic Books

Young Justice #11 With issue #11 of the "Young Justice" comic book on sale tomorrow (Wednesday, December 21), WorldsFinestOnline.com caught up with writer Greg Weisman to look back at the previous ten issues, while also looking ahead to 2012 and up-coming issues.

    WF: Moving forward into 2012, just how integral will the comic become to the animated series? The series plays out like a great collection of 'lost episodes.' As the show continues, and even morphs into Young Justice: Invasion for the second season, how affected will the comic be?

    GW: The plan isn't going to change. We're going to keep filling in the blanks between episodes, creating new and hopefully gripping and fun stories, expanding and exploring aspects of our characters that we just don't have the screen-time to cover in our 22-minute television episodes, expanding and exploring the depth and breadth of Earth-16, etc. As always, if we're doing our jobs right, you don't have to watch the television series to enjoy the comic or vice versa - but you get a lot more out of both if you do.

Read the entire interview at WorldsFinestOnline.com.

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