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June 2, 2011: DC Comics Announces Printed/Digital Combo Packs

Justice League #1 With the announcement earlier this week of the relaunch of the DC Universe in September, DC Comics also announced that digital versions of their comic books would be releases the same day as their printed counterparts. Today DC Comics revealed that they'll be releasing combo packs, which will allow readers to enjoy both the printed and digital versions for one small price.

    Those who want a physical copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE to read and collect, as well as the ability to download it onto their favorite device for easy transport, get ready. Each print edition of the comic book and an individual code for digital download will be wrapped in a poly bag and available for $4.99. Separately, the standard version will retail for $3.99 and the digital version will retail for $3.99.

    "As we continue to expand our readership and make our titles more accessible to readers everywhere, we're excited to provide our comic shop retail partners and their consumers with multiple formats of JUSTICE LEAGUE in one convenient place," said John Rood, EVP Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

    Not only will Johns and Lee be collaborating for the first time, but their contemporary take on the origin of the comic book industry's premier superhero team will be available in DC Comics' historic first comic book combo pack.

    Both digital and print editions of DC's comics will have parity pricing for the first four weeks of release; thereafter, the digital titles drop in price down to our standard 1.99 digital price point. Oversized issues, including JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, will start at $3.99 and drop to $2.99 after four weeks.

In a letter to comic book retailers DC's Bob Wayne explained...

    To clarify from my last note, we will be at "price-parity" for same-day digital. No DC digital comic will be cheaper than its physical counterpart at launch. Same-day (a.k.a. "Day/Date") parity pricing is for the first four weeks of release; thereafter, the digital titles will follow our standard pricing, with $2.99 comics dropping in price to $1.99, $3.99 comics dropping in price to $2.99, and so forth. Keep in mind that our goal with our 52 new #1s will be to ensure that the physical comic book is more compelling than ever!

"Justice League #1" will hit shelves on August 31, with the new (post-Flashpoint) DC Universe titles being released in September.

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