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June 21, 2011: Christopher Jones Talks "Young Justice" Comic

Young Justice #6 Artist Christopher Jones spoke with WorldsFinestOnline.com about drawing the "Young Justice" comic book series, how it ties in with the animated series, and which character is his favorite. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    WF: You'll be working on the title with Young Justice animated series producer Greg Weisman and series writer Kevin Hopps. Have you been in touch with them about their plans for the comic and how it'll mesh with the animated series? Is there a certain kind of authenticity that comes with the comic having a creative team directly involved with the series itself?

    CJ: I haven't had a chance to talk to Greg at length about it yet, although I'll be seeing him in person in a couple of weeks and am hoping to really pick his brain then.

    There's a problem that most multi-media spin-offs have where the spin-offs have to fit seamlessly into the "canon" continuity of the source material, which means they can't really have stories that break new ground with any of the main characters or otherwise have lasting consequences.

    But with Greg and Kevin writing the comic, there's a very exciting opportunity for the comic to compliment the animated series in a really unique way. For example, the first two-parter they've written for the comic delves into Artemis' backstory, stuff that hasn't been revealed on the show. We even get a flashback to events seen in the show, but now seeing more of these scene, getting Artemis' point of view. It's cool stuff.

Check out the entire interview at The World's Finest website.

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