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February 24, 2011: Roberson Talks About "Grounded" Superman Comics

Superman #709 Writer Chris Roberson spoke with ComicBookResources.com about taking charge of the "Grounded" story line within the pages of the monthly "Superman" comic book title.

    "In the aftermath first of Pa Kent's death before the 'New Krypton' arc started, and then the destruction of New Krypton left him pretty messed up -- he's a pretty emotionally broken guy, because the Post-Crisis Superman is a character who never dealt with personal loss," said Roberson. Explaining that while Pre-Crisis Superman lost Ma and Pa Kent while he was still Superboy, "Post-Crisis version, they were still always around. And even though he learned later in life that Jor-El and Lara had died and that Krypton had been destroyed, he never knew them personally."

    Roberson continued, "In my first issue, I wanted to really make things worse before I made things better; I wanted to show that this was a Superman who had really lost his way."

Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

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