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September 3, 2011: Super Sneak Peek "Action Comics #1"

Action Comics #1 DC Comics has released a sneak peek at the much anticipated "Action Comics #1" which is set for release on September 7.

    Easily one of the most eagerly anticipated books out of the entire DC Comics-The New 52 line-up, ACTION COMICS #1 features a look at our all-new Superman at a point in his history before he's widely known or accepted by the public. Who better to shepherd this story than writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales?

    "Superman is just a guy who is very young at this point, and he has big ideas about what is right and wrong," said Morrison. "And he has the power to implement those ideas."

Newsarama.com also interviewed Grant Morrison ahead of the book's release...

    Newsarama: Grant, was it a challenge to re-introduce Superman as a new hero without public support, since he's such an iconic and accepted part of popular culture? How difficult is it to create that world where people don't accept Superman?

    Grant Morrison: That was actually the most fun of it, to try to make it seem as if we'd never, ever read a superhero story before. It was really difficult, because obviously everyone's really familiar with this stuff. I guess my idea was to just to treat it more like a science fiction story, which I like to do to get to the roots of these things. And to say, 'here's what it would be like if this guy just appeared in this world.'

    There are differences. Metropolis is the 'City of Tomorrow' but it clearly is not our world. It's not New York or Marvel or any of those things. It's very much Metropolis and Gotham, and the DC Universe. The idea was to take the DC Universe and treat it almost as a science fiction playground, and this was the first time this had happened. And to show how it works in Metropolis, a city that has always tried to be the City of Tomorrow, but now it's 2011, or 2005 I guess, since these stories are taking place in the past. But it's slightly run down, you know? The machines don't work. The robot trains are kind of useless. There's graffiti everywhere. And it's kind of like the way New York was in the 1970's, before they cleaned up the place. So the Metropolis we're doing is a lot scarier, it's a lot more urban than I think we've ever seen it before. It's maybe a bit more like Gotham city, but it's not as dark and gothic. But in terms of crime, it's kind of like '70s New York.

Read the complete interview at Newsarama.com.

Action Comics #1 Action Comics #1 Action Comics #1
Action Comics #1 Action Comics #1 Action Comics #1

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