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April 26, 2011: Pete Woods Talks "Action Comics #900"

Action Comics #900 Wired.com interviewed artist Pete Woods and asked him all about the massive 900th issue of "Action Comics" out this week.

    The Black Ring storyline gave us a Lex Luthor who varied from a person of collected confidence to a wily madman. His facial expressions and mannerisms ran every step in-between. How do you capture a character's depth so well? What approach do you take?

    The Lex we see in the Black Ring arc is pretty much me. I think most of us can relate to Lex, often more easily than we can relate to Superman. It's not a difficulty to get into his character. Once there it's just a matter of looking in the mirror or taking a couple of photos.

    A title such as Action Comics carries a lot of weight and a lot of history, overflowing with talented artists. How does it feel to know you are now counted among that number?

    I try not to think about it in that way. When you start to take the history of a book or character into account you can quickly become intimidated. I just try to do what I can to make sure that what I'm doing is the best I can do at the time and that it serves the story well.

Read the complete interview at Wired.com.

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